Turkey is one of the leading pistachio producer countries.

  • Turkish pistachios are well known with their rich and distinctive flavor and high quality.
  • The best pistachios in Turkey come from the area around the city of Gaziantep.
    Turkish “Antep” Pistachios are one of the oldest varieties available.

Smaller, less open and darker shells than other varieties, they are crunchy and savory with a touch of sweetness. The shells are a darker color and the nuts’ flavor is more intense because the delicate oils were protected. Turkish pistachios are used in ice cream, baklava, nougat, and Turkish Delight, a type of candy.

  • Name: Turkey Pistachio

  • Origin: Turkey

  • Brand: OEM,Selcuk,Greeny

  • Packing: bulk or small bag(as customer request)

  • Process: Fried by low tempature, original taste

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